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Worldwide commit WASHINGTON, d. c. – only 13% of all employees for the work, according to a new study by Gallup from 142 countries on the status of available global work environment. In other words, about one person in eight Trabajadores sobre studied at 180 million people in the country - they are psychologically obliged their work and they can make a contribution to the positive in their organizations. Most employees worldwide, 63% are not involved, which means the lack of motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in the results or goals. And they are 24%, notes, unfortunate and unproductive and responsible for the dissemination of work off the negativity to my colleagues. In pure number corresponds to a reserved 900 million and 340 million off active workers from around the world. 13% of the workforce, the participation in the study has set up 11% in the previous assessment of the overall work environment, 2011-2012 performed the Gallup 2009-2010. Also showed that the percentage of those who are active can be turned off by 27-24%. Workers of the world still low commitment is passed to hinder economic efficiency and the quality of life in many parts of the world. Gallup, employee engagement among employees, levels between different regions of the world and the countries of these regions vary from most workers in u. s. a. and Canada actively implemented MENAAs in the previous study. Level regional level (Canada and United States) in North America have the highest percentage of workers at 29%, followed by the Australia and New Zealand, at 24%. Not all regions economically developed as cheap index; in 19 countries of Western Europe, 14% of workers are employed, while clearly more than 20% are active can be disabled. But a greater proportion of workers involved East and North Africa (MENA) and the regions south of the Sahara, by 35% and 33%, located in the middle or the results show the differences between employees with different types of work and various levels of education within the country. Recognize that these differences can help managers understand social factors, how it might affect the nature of the workplace paid surveys do they work and to identify specific obstacles be overcome their help, we must build a more committed workforce. Find the full report on the results and the service description. Regardless of the region or industry, the company must try, adapt to the changing global economic conditions learn competitive jobs arise and develop clients in different social, cultural and economic backgrounds to their bases. Systems, are essential to achieve this reliable objective measure and improve employee engagement industries and regions of the world. Bottom LinePeople both to a startup high-tech Singapore, a financial institution in Australia or in a factory in Dominican Republic clothing spend a significant portion of their careers. As a result, the quality of your experience inevitably reflects the quality of their lives. Gallup, which slow down noting that globally a negative overall experience at work reported - and only one in eight participate fully and we appreciate their work – it is important to consider why most employees the global recovery remains, although there are many social unrest in many countries. Entrepreneurs of the world must raise the bar on the commitment of the employees. Boost to labour shall ensure sustainable growth for companies, municipalities and countries - and to monitor the performance of the world economy in the future more prosperous and peaceful. Inquiries please contact us for data sets complete or search for more custom from 150 countries, the Gallup continues. The staff of the current study is treatment work, commitment of 73 results. 752 participants from 18 years in 141 countries around the world from the Gallup poll and 151. u. s. 335 monitoring daily survey interviewed. Issues of employee engagement only of respondents indicate that they worked for an employer for either full-time or part-time. Results at the national level, they are weighted by the size of the population to obtain regional and global aggregates. For results based on the entire sample in large quantities, we can say with 95 percent than the margin of sampling error less than the percentage of ± 1 point. Commitment to the national-level data is reported only in 94 countries, sampling have been consulted at least 300 employees. The table on page 2 contains these results at the national level, associated with each percentage sampling error margin. The margin of error shows the influence of the weighting of the data. In addition to sampling error, write questions and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or affect the results of opinion polls. Gallup measures employee commitment, based on the answers to Q12 consisting of 12 articles for use in the workplace with links to the results of the survey. To identify these elements, Gallup has spent thousands of years of talks at all levels by various organizations in most sectors and in several countries to make. When Gallup finished preparing the Q12 issue in the 1990s, the survey was administered to more than 25 million employees in 189 countries and 69 languages. A list of survey items Q12 and learning focus on the results of the company, see the State lead the global report on the workplace. For one approach more complete and specific study, it is advised to check the details of the Gallup records, .